EOSJacks distributes even more dividends than BetDice

Those who follow my current articles already know that my current focus is on EOS gambling. This has the simple background that there is a lot of movement on the EOS blockchain and new and interesting projects so-called DApps are started almost every day. I would like to study every single one of them, but due to the quantity it’s hardly impossible. So I work my way through every single project. Today it’s EOSJacks’ turn. In the following article I take a close look at EOSJacks.


For over a year I have been working intensively with STEEM and it is incomprehensible to me why the gambling industry has never established on this blockchain. I am currently working intensively with EOS. STEEM and EOS are similar, as they were both developed by Dan Larimer. Both blockchains have a similar structure, no transaction fees and basically the same advantages. But EOS is currently moving into another dimension. On the EOS blockchain, countless gambling projects are created, including many very exciting, innovative and fascinating projects. EOSJacks is one of them.

Nearly every interaction on EOSJacks allows users to mine JKR tokens (mining by playing). While this may be an innovative feature, the main factor fueling a community-centric development is that the JKR tokens can be staked to earn dividends from the platform.

EOSJacks’ dividends are the 10th highest in the blockchain industry.

EOSJacks plays a major role in the decentralized gambling business when it comes to the amount of dividends paid out. According to the daily report by cryptodividend.io, EOSJacks is in the top 10 of the highest dividend payouts. So there’s no way past EOSJacks right now if you pay attention to dividends. EOSJacks is in 10th place and ahead of the top dog BetDice!

On the following screenshot you can see the evaluation.

EOSJacks Dividends

EOSJacks’ dividends are the 10th highest in the blockchain industry and therefore distributes even more dividends than BetDice, the current top dog in the EOS gambling industry. If you haven’t invested in the JKR tokens tokens from EOSJacks yet, you should consider doing so now.

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