Pure thrill: An honest EosCrash Game Review

On my explorations of the EOS ecosystem I stumble across interesting projects again and again. Yesterday I discovered the EosCrash game and it fascinated me. EosCrash game is the pure thrill. In this review, you’ll find out why you should take a closer look at this game. As an active player it reveals pure thrill and as an investor it reveals dividends. The EOS gaming world is highly fascinating.

eos crash game review

EosCrash Review

EosCrash is a fully decentralized multiplayer game with profit sharing. EosCrash works according to the well-known crash game principle, which is already established on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crash games have been around for quite a while and they are extremely popular. On the EOS Blockchain EosCrash is a pioneer. A crash game has the potential to become a big success.

The development startet on October 20th. You are mining CRASH tokens while playing the game. You are mining 0.1 CRASH pro bet. The min. stake per game is 0.1 EOS. The earned or bought (Newdex) CRASH token can be staked and allows holders to receive dividends from crash game profits. EosCrash is provably fair based on blockchain data, driven by smart contract.

There is no mobile app, but it is not necessary, because the EosCrash is perfectly optimized for mobile screens. To play EosCrash you need Scatter. For this review I used the Chrome Browser.

That’s what makes EosCrash special (quickview):

  • Speed thrill: The speed of the game is enormously high
  • Manual cash-out thrill: Are you patient or nervous?
  • You are mining CRASH tokens while playing
  • You can stake the CRASH tokens and earn dividends
  • Low min. stake per game (0.1 EOS)

EosCrash Gameplay

To place a bet you define your bet and set the multiplier. You have 11 seconds to place your bet. This giving you the opportunity to play multiple games per minute. So you have to be really fast! The speed of the game is enormously high and thus ensures the pure thrill. The speed is an important factor for the thrill. It will take a while to handle the high speed of the game. At least that’s how I felt. If you have a little practice, it’s crazy! After you have set the amount of your bet and the multiplier, click on “Join Game!”. The game starts immediately after you have confirmed the transaction.

On the following screenshot you can see where the bet is placed and the multiplier is set.

eos crash game gameplay

The second important factor for the pure thrill of this game is your decision about when to manually cash-out. For example, if you start with 0.1 EOS and a multiplier of 100, you can passively wait to see if your pre-defined bet (multiplier of 100) works out or intervene at any time and cash-out. To manually cash-out, you have to click the “cashout!” button.

The multiplier and the payout have no effect on the crash. The crash is random. The highest multiplier so far was 1000. It happens quite often, and it is limited to 1000 so far. If you are brave, you have set the multiplier high. It’s thrilling when the counter rise up and can crash at any time. Do you get hectic and nervous and click immediately, or do you have nerves of steel and patience and perhaps even let the counter run up to 1000?

On the following screenshot you can see the cash-out button.

eos crash cashout

On the following screenshot below you can see a game won by me, in which I was impatient and pressed the cash-out button. I bet 0.1 EOS and set the multiplier to 100, then I clicked on cash-out at 2.22x and the counter went up to 2.74x. There wasn’t much room left, so this was probably the right decision for this game. So I won 0.222 EOS (0.1 EOS x 2.22 = 0.222 EOS) in this round.

eos crash won

On the following screenshot below you can see a game lost by me. I bet 0.1 EOS and set the multiplier to 2, then the counter went up to 1.08x and crashed. So I lost 0.1 EOS in this round.

eos crash lost

On the following screenshot below you can see a game in which the counter has gone up quite a bit to 36.71x. The highest multiplier so far was 1000x, which is the highest multiplier I’ve seen and taken a screenshot of. I’ve also seen a screenshot with a multiplier of 300x.

eos crash

EosCrash Dividends

If you staked your CRASH tokens, you will get permanent dividends. The dividends result from the profits of EosCrash. 60% of all profits will be shared to token holders and 40% will go to the team as ongoing expenses.

On the following screenshot you can see the overview with the dividends on EosCrash. Here you can see how many CRASH tokens you have, how many of them are staked and how many you can stake. You can also see your potential and real dividends here. I have 1000.9 CRASH tokens in my wallet. I just staked my CRASH tokens. For 1000.9 CRASH tokens I get an estimated dividend of 0.0143. That’s not a bad start.

eos crash game dividends

CRASH Tokens

The maximum CRASH token supply is only 28 Millions! Compared to other EOS gambling projects, this is an enormously small volume. 50% of the CRASH tokens were sold on the pre-sale. The pre-sale closed on Nov. 16th. These tokens are used for initial resources needed for the game (CPU, RAM, servers) and bankroll. The rest will be spend for ongoing marketing and development activities. 30% is planned to be distributed via mining. 10% is a token pool for bounty program. 10% remains to the team as bonus pool.

What I like very much is that EosCrash doesn’t give out many tokens when mining, thus preventing the constant threat of inflation. This is even more evident on Newdex, where millions of tokens are not traded. You can clearly see that the number of tokens is controlled very carefully.

EosCrash Daily Giveaway / Jackpot

eos crash jackpotThere is a daily giveaway where you can win up to 8000 EOS. The size and number of winners of giveaway depends on the total wagered sum of that day. For that prize will fight only those players that get the biggest amount of achieved points.

While playing you get the points you need for the daily giveaway. The amount of points you get depends on the EOS amount of your bet.

The total sum of jackpot consists of 0.2% of wagered sum + 10% from the last jackpot. Frequency of jackpot depends on the total betted amount and can be up to 4 times per day. If there will be no winner in the round, 65% that is intended for the last one goes in the pool to next jackpot, but 25% as always will be handed out between all participants.


I don’t think I promised too much with the headline “Pure thrill”. EosCrash is pure thrill due to the speed and FOMO effect of manual cash-out. There are a lot of active players, so it is a great gaming experience. EosCrash is fun and a refreshing variety in the dice dominated EOS ecosystem. We have seen more than enough dice games now and there are still dice games released every day. If you need a change, EosCrash is your thing. EosCrash is creative, looks good and the addiction potential is enormous.

What is also worth mentioning and what I would like to emphasize is the support. The EosCrash team is very present on all support channels and answers all questions with patience. No question remains unanswered. Also during the preparation of this review some questions arose which were answered very quickly and friendly by the team. If technical help is needed, a developer will contact you. This is really exemplary.