BetDice Review – Bet and Win EOS Tokens

I have been digging my way through the EOS world for a few days now and today I came across BetDice. In this BetDice Review I would like to share my experiences with the BetDice casino with you. As a welcome gift I received 1.000 DICE directly after login from BetDice. I used this 1.000 DICE a bit reckless and increased it to over 4145.6937 DICE in a few minutes. The following screenshot shows the start page.

BetDice Review

EOSBet Dice Review

That was so much fun, so I used my complete DICE again and went All-In. That’s a thrill! I have a good day today, I won 8478.9667 DICE! 8478.9667 DICE should currently be about 40 USD accordingly.

BetDice EOS Dice Review

But the story isn’t over yet! I was now so deeply involved in the game and the thrill was so high, now I was unstoppable. Well, what do you think I did? Right guess, I bet the whole 8478.9667 DICE again. I am All-In. Well, what do you think I get? Right guess, i won 17304.0136 DICE! 1000 DICE are 1 EOS, so 17304.0136 DICE correspond to 17 EOS or 85 USD.


But the story is still not over yet! Well, what do you think I did? Right guess, I bet the whole 17304.0136 DICE again. I am All-In again. Well, what do you think I get? Right guess, i won 35314.31340 DICE! Crazy! Thanks BetDice!


I did not visit the BetDice website for one day. The next day directly after getting up I did it again. Yes, I did it, I’m all-in again. Well, what do you think I get again? I bet the whole 35314.3134 DICE again and I won 72070.0273 DICE! Was that smart? I don’t know. Was it fun? Yes!

BetDice EOS

So, what do you want me to do, put all my DICE on one card again and press ROLL?

DICE and EOS Tokens for free

Currently EOS and DICE can be used on BetDice. Since I currently have only a few EOS Tokens, the gift from BetDice came very handy. A total of 1 million DICE will be donated to new users. Only for the login on the website you get 1000 DICE immediately credited. Hurry if you still want to dust DICE! Here you get to BetDice. Every hour on BetDice there is also the “Lucky Draw”, where you can win between 0.0005 and 50 EOS Tokens.  Besides, for every 1 EOS you bet, you will be rewarded 100 DICE. To play BetDice you need an EOS account.

BetDice Affiliate

BetDice Affiliate

Does BetDice offer an worthwhile partner program for affiliates? Yes! You can refer a friend to earn 0.6% of their bets, as you can see on the screenshot on the right. That means you get revenue from all actions! That’s really a lot! Your rewards will be immediately credited to your EOS account. Don’t miss the chance, click here to start now.

BetDice to the moon

BetDice is going to the moon! The success of BetDice can also be seen in the DappRadar ranking. BetDice is currently in 2nd place as you can see on the screenshot below.

BetDice DappRadar

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This BetDice review was written by Oliver Schmid